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Do You Have a BFF?

Yesterday I was reading a post by one of my favorite bloggers. She’d posted a story about a troubled friendship, and how she ultimately had to disconnect herself from her former friend. She’d also included some comments made to her by her best friend, who was passionately showing her support to the blogger during the difficult time. In my comments to the blogger, I told her that she’d inspired a topic for me to blog about: My BFF.

I’m one of those lucky women who met her BFF during the first week of high school. Connected by our love for hairbands and disdain for a certain few of the popular girls, we roamed the halls and cafeteria without a care about what anyone else thought of us. And, like Romy and Michele, we don’t ever remember high school “being all that bad.”

After high school, and during my wilder stages, my BFF would take the wheel of my manual-shift-no-power-steering-piece-of-crap car so that I’d get home safely. When it was time to leave an abusive relationship, she backed her truck into my driveway at 5:30 in the morning to help me move out, no questions asked, after not having spoken to her for weeks. She’s also the one who pointed out a tall, blue-eyed cowboy to me nearly 14 years ago, chaperoned our first date, and later that evening told me, “Yeah, you can date him,” not knowing that he’d become the love of my life.

Through the years, we’ve seen each other through pounds gained and loves lost, three weddings, two miscarriages, and two beloved euthanized pets. Our friendship even survived a disastrous family trip to Cancun, after which I was truly convinced I’d never see her again.

My BFF & I don’t have to talk every day. In fact, we’ve been known to go long periods of time without word only to pick right up where we left off. Friendships should be like that: no worries, no effort, and no excuses.

To my BFF, I’m the “rational” friend: the one who will say not what she wants to hear, but what she NEEDS to hear, even if the truth hurts. To me, she is my “low-road” friend: the one who’ll commiserate with me when someone pisses me off, even if it’s about something stupid.

We should all be so lucky to have a BFF like mine.

So, if you’ve got a BFF, give her a call today. (And tell her I said, “HI!”)


3 Responses

  1. Awww! This is very sweet and you both are very lucky to have found each other! I’ve always had trouble with that word “Best Friend”. It made me feel as though I can only have one. This was very difficult for me at times trying to decide who my true “Best Friend” was. In the end I have come to the decision that I have more than one and each one is just as special to me as the other. One I hang out with almost every weekend, one calls me almost everyday after work and the other is always right there to help out.

    P.S. Love the Romy and Michele reference :o)

  2. Thank you for letting me post using your idea. I’ve posted it at Who is Your Best Friend?. Again your post was great and and thank you for letting me using your idea.

  3. My best friend and I met in the 3rd grade, and we still keep in contact even though we’re in our early 30s.

    We’ve taken different paths in life but it’s nice to have someone who knows you inside and out.

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