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Ghost? Watch and Judge for Yourself

I’m a firm believer in ghosts. Too much of the “unexplained” has happened to me, my family, and a few of my friends for me to write it all off to something purely scientific.

This video is presented by courtesy of Austin Ghost Tours and Haunted Texas. They received a call from one of the owners of a store called “Flora and Fauna’s,” a small market in downtown Austin. Watch as a small black “mass” appears to whip around the store.

What do you think? Can you explain it?

Austin Ghost Tours reports it as the following:

“Austin Ghost Tours received a phone call from a woman who said basically that the security camera in her shop had pick up a “ghost flying around my store all night.” Would I come and look at the footage. “Sure” I replied.

And look at the footage I did. What I saw, did not move as fast as what can be seen on these video clips because the camera and computer software slow the images down. After talking to Flora and Fauna owner Carissa. I concluded that this was real unexplainable phenomena. An interesting point, since the purchase of the security camera it has not been turning on at night because the settings on the computer had been changed by another person and Carissa did not know how to reset the clock. The day before this footage was taken someone knowledgeable about computers had fixed the program so that the camera would film at night.

Download Videos:

Ghost Video 1
Ghost Video 2
Ghost Video 3
Ghost Video 4

I have watched some of the 9 of hours basically in 2 second increments. In the beginning this entity has a great deal of energy. Moving quickly and in random circular motions that continuously change patterns. It is dark and when in a smaller shape it becomes dense and black. When going past the chairs in the middle of the floor it obscures ones view of the chairs. There is light reflecting from the light on the wall and it causes the counter to look shiny. When the entity passes over the counter the shiny counter is completely not visible, suggesting that what ever it was darting around the room had mass. The larger it becomes the less visible. The smaller it becomes, the darker it becomes and also the denser it becomes. A couple of times it goes close to the light on the back wall at which time it becomes white and bright. 1 hour and 45 minutes after it’s most active time (still constantly in motion), it slowed down, became consistently black and mostly in a circular form. I will update my observations on the rest of the footage, as I watch it.

Since September 17, at 4:00 AM one morning the computer containing the surveillance software turned off, and a few days later that same computer and the computer in the front of the store turned of. In both cases, nothing else electrical changed. There is a second camera on the opposite wall, looking at the same area and it has picked up nothing.”

I’d like to see the guys at Ghost Hunters check this one out for sure! (PS: Am I the only one who thinks Jason Hawes looks a little too much like Michael Chiklis?!)


3 Responses

  1. This is a BUG out of focus. Are you guys blinded by the “paranormal” aspect in everything you can’t explain within three seconds?

  2. Oh, for PETE’s sake. Let us have some fun.

  3. It’s a fly… how gay

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