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Why WalMart Shouldn’t Have Bakeries (A.K.A. The Infamous WalMart Going Away Party Cake)

Are you kidding me with this?

That was my reaction after I opened the email my sister sent to me yesterday, which included this picture. In the email, my sister stated it reminded her of the cake SHE ordered from Sam’s Club for my niece’s bridal shower, which read “Congradulations.”

According to some research I did on the cake and the origin of the picture (because I couldn’t believe it to be true, and really, truly thought that it was a product of PhotoShop), the cake was in fact ordered for a going away party to be held at a Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance claims office in Little Rock, Arkansas.

(There are several sites on the web that host the picture, along with some derogatory commentary on the conversation that must have taken place between the ordering party and the WalMart bakery employee. I’ve chosen to make some edits so that no feelings get hurt here. But only because it’s Christmas time. *Wink*)

The office supervisor told the WalMart bakery employee that she wanted the cake to read, “‘Best Wishes Suzanne.’ Underneath that ‘We Will Miss You.'”


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