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What’s In a Name? (Or, Who Is Fashion Paramedic?)

I can’t believe it took me so long to write about this. I’ve received lots of e-mails asking how I created my name, and I usually just answer them one at a time.

Then I noticed that there were other “Fashion Paramedics” popping up on the internet. You all know how I feel about copycats, so I’ve decided to lay claim to the name I created and share how it came about.

Last December and into January and February of this year, I was looking for ways to resurrect my Cookie Lee jewelry business. I had been laying low while in a medically-induced hiatus from Cookie Lee, but still thought I could get back into the swing of things once my doctor said it was okay.

During that time, I had been listening to several CDs by a motivational speaker named Belinda Ellsworth. I’d heard a lot about her, and thought I’d give her library of instruction a try to keep me motivated while I was off my feet while pregnant with Ben.

As it turned out, I loved the program so much, I couldn’t wait to begin selling Cookie Lee again.

I decided to re-create my image based on something I’d learned from her program. She’d shared a story about how a Creative Memories consultant had boosted her sales and recruiting numbers by calling herself a “Photo Paramedic,” and told her potential customers that she “rescues photos from shoe boxes and the depths of their closets and turns them into memories that last a lifetime.”

So, I created my image to be “Fashion Paramedic: Breathing new life into your style and wardrobe by accessorizing with fine fashion jewelry.” I bought a graphic, made business cards, and even changed my email address to reflect my new name.

I loved my new name and image. It worked for a while, but then I had to stop selling Cookie Lee again because of complications with my pregnancy, and I’ve now retired altogether.

But I still am a Fashion Paramedic. I just don’t do it in strangers homes anymore.

I help family and friends plan their outfits for graduations, cruises, and special occasions. I still read In Style and Vogue, and I still wear the jewelry to work.

So, that’s how I got my name. Not that interesting, I know . . . but I thought I’d share it anyway!


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