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So Much for Chicken Tonight

It’s official: I’m totally overwhelmed.

I didn’t get any sleep lastnight because Ben was fighting a bug (high fever, coughing) and wouldn’t sleep unless I was holding him. Today we found out he had another ear infection. More pink stuff for the baby.

I let hubby sleep because he’s been mending the fence in our backyard without much help, and he needed to get some rest to finish it up today.

Oh yeah–our Christmas tree is still up, my house looks like a college dorm, and my father-in-law’s dog is now staying with us for what could be up to six weeks. (Anyone want a Vizsla?)

And I still haven’t found a new day care provider for Ben, which means I’ve been leaving the house by 6:30am and not getting home until 6:30pm.

Whine whine whine . . . I know. (Those of you who know me personally may blame my mood on the fact that the Colts lost today. Which may be partly right.)

Then, after returning home from the 3-hour ordeal that was taking Ben to the doctor, getting his prescription filled, and stopping at the bank, I proclaimed that I was too tired to cook (I was supposed to make Chicken Cordon Bleu tonight), and anounced it would be an “Easy Freezer Pop n’ Bake” night.

Tomorrow will be easy–Slow Cooker Pepsi Pork Roast. I HAVE to follow through with this one, since I’m going to use some of the meat for Crock Pot Stacked Enchiladas next Saturday. (I was supposed to make that earlier this month, but mother nature took out my power and I had to reschedule.)

I promise to be funnier tomorrow.

PS: Remember, if you’re going to leave a comment, it won’t appear right away. I have to monitor them all of the time now, and if you’re not a spammer or a punk trying to get his page links by posting them in my comments section, then your comment will appear within an hour of writing it. Thank you for your patience!


One Response

  1. Does Ben get ear infections frequently? My Little Man did constantly and we tubed him. It was great. He’s on his 2nd set of tubes and they also took out the adenoids. I’m betting his tonsils will be next. 😦

    I do hope that you find another awesome daycare provider closer to home.

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