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Enchiladas "Fuego"!

You all know that I’ve been waiting what seems like FOR-EV-ER to make these enchiladas. I’ve been talking about them for weeks, I made pork roast a few days ago, and before putting the shredded meat away in the fridge to use for the enchiladas, I even stirred in a package of cheesy taco seasoning so the meat would be nice and seasoned. I . . . was . . . PRE-PARED.

Or, at least, I thought I was.

I ran some errands this morning, making sure to be home at the right hour so I could prepare the mighty dish. I chopped my onions without so much as a tear, softened the cream cheese to perfection, and even Ben cooperated in his vibrating rocking chair while I layered meat mixture, cheese, tortillas, and enchilada sauce.

Ugh. The dreaded enchilada sauce.

I turned on the crock, gave Ben a bath, and even enjoyed a few moments peace before my other two boys got home. Things were good.

A few hours later, as my husband marveled at the smell wofting from the kitchen, I spooned us some meaty-cheesy goodness, and sat down to enjoy the meal.

My husband noticed it first. He coughed, then sneezed, and got up and went to the cupboard for a glass.

“What’s the matter?,” I asked.

“Hot.,” he choked.

This, coming from a man who will order a $20 slab of prime rib, cover it in horseradish, take a big bite, and–while stomping his feet because his mouth is on fire–exclaims, “That’s good!”

This, however, was NOT good. My husband doesn’t say ANYTHING is hot unless he means it. He can take the heat. His wife, however–the actual MEXICAN in the house–cannot.

I started to take a bite, then decided to just stick out my tongue and tasted a bit of a forkful.

I’d ruined it. The seasoned pork, the happy afternoon, the joyful anticipation–it was all for not, because I bought the wrong kind of enchilada sauce.

So, I had some Mini Wheats instead.

I’m deflated. And down. But not out. I’ve still got a couple of weeks left to redeem myself.


2 Responses

  1. Oh GIRL! I feel your pain. I head for the mini-wheats too.
    Loved the part about the horseradish, stomping and “that’s GOOD!”
    You’re too funny. 🙂

  2. Oh, gosh! I’m sooo sorry it was so hot! You write very well.. I was right there with you helping to prepare this dish!

    Don’t worry. Do it again and you’ll get it right next time. Thanksss for sharing!


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