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Save Your Identity

You’ve seen the commercials showing a bus driving from town to town promoting a credit protection service.

The bus isn’t just an ordinary coach, or a school bus. It’s a bus with the social security number of a multi-million dollar CEO painted on the side.

He’s not crazy–he’s the CEO of Life Lock.

LifeLock is an identity theft prevention service like no other. They don’t just monitor your credit and send alerts if something changes. LifeLock actually has a four-step program that secures your identity from fraudulent use of current accounts and prevents the unauthorized opening of any new accounts.

Then, if your wallet happens to get stolen, LifeLock will assist you with the necessary phone calls to prevent the use of any information contained in it. We’ve all lost our wallets at one time or another, and just trying to remember what was in it is a chore in itself, let alone making all the calls to the various card companies to alert them that your wallet has been stolen.

And if that wasn’t enough, LifeLock offers a $1 million guarantee. If anyone succeeds in stealing your identity (or using a protected card or account), LifeLock will do everything in their power to restore your good name. This includes the hiring of attorneys, accountants, and investigators, if necessary. If someone succeeds in withdrawing cash from an account that was supposed to be protected, LifeLock will pay the sum back to you.

How much does the service cost? Your answer should be “whatever it takes.”

I was shocked to find out that the service costs $10 per month.

So, for the price of lunch, you can protect your identity, and maybe even drive around with your own social security number painted on the side of your car.


One Response

  1. You should also check out Zander Insurance’s identity protection program. Their plan also provides complete restoration and is almost half the cost. I heard about it on Dave Ramsey since he endorses it. I have been told that the LifeLock guarantee is very limited and more hype than substance. I checked their website and it says that the guarantee only pays if the ID Theft occurred through the fault of their program and since all they do is place fraud alerts on your credit report how much do they really help. I know Zander’s plan covers all types of ID Theft just not credit situations (and it’s only $140/year per family, or $70/year per person). Zander’s website Hope this helps!

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