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Starbucks: You’re Doing It Wrong

It’s big news: All Starbucks locations will be closing at 5:30pm local time for “employee training.” It’s all a part of the “organizational changes to enhance the customer experience.”

Or, basically, Starbucks is losing money, and they’re trying desperately to make something happen. Fast.

The CEO, Howard Schultz, seems to understand somewhat of Starbucks need to get back to its roots of “all things coffee.” For instance, they will be discontinuing their awful, hockey-puck sausage and masking-tape bacon breakfast sandwiches. That were almost $4 each.

But, why retrain the staff? I don’t get that one, Howard. The staff are doing just fine. I’ve never, ever encountered an angry Barista. They’re usually quite polite and helpful.

What I also don’t get is Starbucks’ unnecessary evolution into a giant box store that sells overpriced coffee.

Remember when Starbucks was cool? When they just sold coffee?

Not CDs, or french presses, or board games? Or $5 frappucinos? Or mushy $6 sandwiches?

Howard . . . it’s not the staff. It’s the company.
You’re doing it wrong.

3 Responses

  1. I’m a chai latte addict. I stop by Starbucks a few times per week for my chai latte đŸ™‚

  2. Preach it, Sister! Why must every restaurant be all things to all people? Just brew the coffee!

  3. Thank you for clearing that up. I was on my way out when the news person said something about all the Starbucks’ closing in 30 minutes. I had no idea why. Still didn’t until today. Evidently it didn’t effect me. Ha!

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